Breast Augmentation Before & After

Case: 5
Patient age: 46
Patient height: 5’ 1”
Patient weight: 145 lbs
Implant size: 425 cc
Implant type: Silicone gel
Implant position: Submuscular
Incision used: Inframamary Fold (IMF)

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Breast Augmentation Before & After
Breast Augmentation Before & After
Procedure Details: This 46 year-old woman from Brookline had always been bothered by the size of her breasts. She felt that tops and dresses did not fit her as desired and she was tired of having to buy padded bra’s. The patient underwent a breast augmentation using 425 cc silicone gel implants made by the Mentor Corporation. They were placed in the submuscular space via an incision below the breasts. Notice how difficult it is to see the incision. She used to wear an A-cup and now wears a C-cup. The patient is thrilled and her confidence and outlook have improved.